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Version: 1.0.8


You have just discovered the future of web3 careers for creators and you're making some changes to the old ways of earning.

Creators Onboarding

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  1. Connect Wallet
    • We currently support Metamask, Venly, and Coinbase wallets.
    • Be sure you are connected to Polygon RPC.
  2. Sign Up/Sign In
    * Here you will fill out the form and select `Pro` role.
    SignIn Mockup

As a creator you now have access to your very own media library of NFTs that you create from now on! You should now see an option to Upload and My Library


Upload Mockup

  1. Fill out this form and upload media per instructions.
  2. Click Save.
    • This saves all of the metadata in your library without minting it into an NFT. So you can edit and delete this data prior to minting permanently onchain.

My Library

  1. Go to My Library under Wallet address menu.
  2. Click Fetch Library to load all of you assests within your library.
    • From this page you can either submit to a Brand Campaign, edit, delete, or list your NFT for sale to various marketplaces (the choice is yours).

Submit to Brand Campaign

You can submit to a brand campaign 2 ways.

  1. My Library
  2. Click a campaign from the homepage.