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Version: 1.0.4

🏎 Roadmap

Here are integrations we have plans to integrate.

Project Updates

We consider reporting and analysis a very important way to measure performance and more importantly improvement. We have considered the following platforms as providers of analytics for the information we deal with:

UI/UXUrban Uprise Crew (UUC) NFT CollectionExclusive POAP for UUC NFT Raffle.DSP Streaming Royalties
Creator/Brand OnboardingCreative platform Testnet ReleaseUUC Exclusive MerchDeFi APR lockers for royalties earned from streaming
Smart Contracts
Creation of Creative Events DAO


  • Fan Count
  • Fan Engagement
  • Brand Reputation Points
  • Platform Usage

Decentralized Advertising Marketplace for Creators and Sponsors

We believe crypto advertising is the future for brands and creators alike and an important percentage of third party revenue.

  1. Serotonin
    1. Peer-to-peer
    2. Crypto Markets
    3. Unlock Revenue

Video Overview